What is Dramageddon 3?

What Is Dramageddon 3

Dramageddon 3 is officially upon us. In my previous article “What is Karmageddon?,” I break up dramageddon 3 into two distinct timelines: the first is karmageddon which I previously defined as June 11th-July 1st, (which after careful consideration while doing the research for this article, I am redefining that timeline to be from June 11th-June 21st because I feel that karmageddon was moreso the rising action for dramageddon 3 and was focused on canceling Jeffree Star once and for all. However, on June 21st, Shane Dawson released his statement to the beauty community, which shifted the focus off of Jeffree and onto Shane. Thus, I feel that that event led to the shift from karmageddon and into a full blown dramageddon with everyone from the beauty community becoming involved in the scandal.) and dramageddon 3 from June 21st-present day.

Dramageddon 3 officially started on June 21st, when Shane Dawson released a lengthy statement where he announced that he was leaving a community he was never truly a part of. He also denied the allegation of starting dramageddon 2 from last summer. Shane quickly deleted the tweet, but here are the screenshots of his statement in their entirety:

After this statement was tweeted and deleted, people noticed that Morgan Adams, Shane Dawson’s soon to be sister in law, unfollowed Jeffree Star (and then refollowed him and then unfollowed him again). Morgan had a whole episode dedicated to her during Shane’s docu-series on Jeffree Star where the pair seemed to get along. Many speculated what may have happened between the two behind the scenes. Others have noticed that one of Shane’s BFFs, Garrett Watts, has also been absent from offering any sort of support for either Jeffree or Shane. Garrett is a pure-hearted YouTuber who got his start by befriending Shane Dawson and appearing in some of his videos, including part two of the Jeffree Star series. The Dolan Twins also unfollowed the pair along with Norvina, Shane’s ex Lisa, and the list goes on and on.

A few hours later, Shane uploaded an apology for his statement, that didn’t go over as well as he had hoped:

In Shane’s first statement many fans took offense to Shane saying that James Charles “needed to be served a slice of humble pie the side of the fucking Empire State Building”. And went onto say that he believed that Jeffree Star was “excited to see a competitor fall”. Many were hurt and confused over the timing of this statement since 24 hours prior to it, Jeffree Star had launched the highly anticipated restock of the Conspiracy Collection on his site. Which furthered the public perception that the makeup collab was a cash grab for Shane Dawson.

Back in November, Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaborated with Shane Dawson to create a makeup collection in honor of their documentary series “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star.” Many saw this as coming out of left field, as Shane had never expressed an interest in makeup before. Shane stated that he had loved playing with makeup in private as a way to cope with his anxiety and insomnia. Months later, Shane got called out for not making a single tutorial with his palette, and he decided to launch the “Shane Glossin'” YouTube channel. However, that channel seemed more like a second channel for Shane to upload videos he didn’t feel comfortable with their success rate to the Shane Glossin’ channel. To this day, Shane Dawson has never uploaded a single beauty tutorial on any of his own channels.

On June 23rd, Tati Westbrook tweeted out this cryptic tweet:

Tati is known for her cryptic tweets, but many in the drama community felt that this was Tati confirming that she would be releasing a video on the truth about Dramageddon 2 that week. Tati didn’t wind up releasing a video until she tweeted out a few other song lyrics over the next few weeks, and dropped her video on July 1st, but more on that later.

On June 25th, Jenna Marbles, one of YouTube’s oldest and most popular YouTubers, posted an apology and announced she was leaving the platform. While Jenna is in no way shape or form involved in dramageddon 3, she did inspire Shane Dawson to create a formal apology video for not only the hurtful statements he had released via Twitter on June 21st, but for all of the wrongs he had done during his time on YouTube.

Prior to the June 26th video, old videos of Shane resurfaced of him in blackface, mocking individuals with disabilities, sexualizing minors (most notably his young cousin), bestiality, and wild statements made on his podcast about figuratively murdering someone. Shane addressed these issues for the first time in the twenty minute long video. However, things did not get better, they only got worse for Shane Dawson.

Hours later, a video of Shane pretending to sexually gratify himself to a photo of a then 11-year-old Willow Smith. The Smiths were quick to reply, with her Mother, Jada Smith, stating:

On June 30th, YouTube announced that all three of Shane Dawson’s popular YouTube channels would not be able to earn advertising revenue for an indefinite period of time. It is important to note, that although YouTube is taking action, it’s not permanent. Shane is one of the platform’s most popular creators, but YouTube seems to be making an example out of Dawson’s past while protecting the creator community and the company. They pulled monetization two years ago from YouTube Logan Paul after he uploaded the infamous suicide forest video.

On July 1st, Tati Westbrook uploaded her video “Breaking My Silence.” In the video, Tati called out Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for “gaslighting” her into releasing her infamous “Bye Sister” video. Stating that Shane offered to edit the video for her, help her chooses a title and a thumbnail for the video. She went onto say how she was led to believe that after she dropped her video, that more victims would come forward after admitting to hearing a clip from Jeffree Star’s infamous voice note with an alleged victim sharing their story about their sexual assault by the hands of James Charles.

Hours later, Shane Dawson went live on his Instagram and reacted to the video calling Tati a liar and manipulative:

Many took particular offense to Shane Dawson rolling his eyes at Tati mentioning that she is a survivor of sexual assault. With Shane mentioning that he was molested a breath later. Shane’s fiancee, Ryland Adams, came to his defense tweeting the following:

So were are we at now? Tati Westbrook stated in her video that she would not be sharing any receipts that she has on Shane Dawson or Jeffree Star since she is pursuing legal action against the pair. Jeffree Star has yet to come out in defense of his friend or make a statement on the current issues at play. Shane Dawson has also disappeared from the public eye since going live on July 1st.
In my opinion, all parties involved should stay offline and regroup before making any further statements. Nothing good will come from a response made during a place of anger and anguish. There will most likely be a part two and maybe even three to this article as new details emerge. Please follow my blog for more articles like this one. I will be releasing an article on the Dahvie Vanity scandal as well as an article outlining different words and phrases used on my blog when referencing tea in the beauty and fashion communities.
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