Top 10 Fashion Finds from 2019

Top 10 Fashion Finds from 2019

2019 was a personal fashion renaissance for me. I experimented with color, patterns, and textures like never before and took more risks in general with my day to day looks. I hopped on the pleated short trend (which I loved), and fell in love with mules. Below are my top 10 fashion finds from 2019. These are items I have reached for time and time again this year and am excited to style come 2020.

Red Velvet DKNY Pleated Skirt

Red Velvet DKNY Skirt


I got this skirt in early January when I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear during the finale walk for my first NY and Company ShirtNYFW show. I must’ve gone to over twenty stores in search of the perfect garment. I spotted this on the clearance rack and immediately fell in love. While I didn’t end up wearing this for my show, I did wear it while I prepped for the show. I also find myself reaching for this whenever New York drops below forty degrees. Since the skirt is velvet, it is so warm and is perfect for balancing the hot/ cold tango of going above and below ground.


Red and Pink Zara Mules

Zara MulesMy first runway show featured lots of corals (which happened to be the color of the year), pinks, and neutralZara Shoes colors. To spice things up, I decided to go all out with the accessories. These mules from Zara are the first purchase I made from the store not from the clearance rack. They were worn on the runway by one of my models, and I wear them for special occasions. They really pop with any outfit I wear and have really helped me to step up my style game.



Michael Kors Jumpsuit

Michael Kors Jumpsuit

This is my first clothing item from Michael Kors. I discovered it two weeks before NYFW. This was another clearance rack find. As soon as I put this on in the fitting room, I knew this was the outfit I wanted to wear for the finale walk. It is so chic and polished. It’s a great alternative to the little black dress, and it complimented my model’s finale gown (that I worked on for a solid three weeks). I had a moment of insecurity and almost didn’t this. I am so grateful that Gabi’s Mom Nelly was there and insisted I wear it. It was so nice having that support in the absence of my mother who couldn’t be there for the show.


Pleated Zara Shorts


During the summer these were my go-to shorts. I wore them every chance I got. They are super lightweight, which makes them the perfect summer short for city living. New York gets unbearably humid in the summer, so lightweight, comfortable clothing is a must.


Kate Spade Butterfly Clutch

Kate Spade Clutch



It is no secret that Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers. Her designs are whimsical and always spark my creativity. This clutch combines two things I love: butterflies and rose gold.



Blue Worthington Blouse

Blue JcPenny Shirt


I picked up this blouse from JcPenney of all places. It was the first piece I had gotten there on my own since I was probably in college. I was really surprised at how much I love the brand and the quality of their pieces. I have never owned such a bright blue shirt, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how versatile this blouse is.



Yellow Ann Taylor Trench Coat

Yellow Anne Taylor Trench Coat



This coat was a gift from my boyfriend, and it is the most fashionable thing he has ever gotten me. This coat makes any outfit pop and has become my signature spring jacket.




A New Day Multi-Colored Pleated Skirt

A New Day Skirt

Target Skirt


I recently bought this skirt off of Poshmark. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. I have worn this skirt over a dozen times. It goes with almost any piece in my wardrobe and is a new favorite of mine.



Aldo Dragon Handbag

Aldo Bag



This is one of my favorite bags of 2019. This was another Poshmark find. I cannot count the number of times that I have used this bag. As a style tip, I love switching out the straps to give the bag a whole new look and feel. The strap can really tie together an outfit and be the final touch you need to make your outfit more cohesive.



White Zara Lace Crop Top

Zara Shirt



I have never been a crop top fan. I am a bit self-conscious of my tummy area and don’t really like to highlight it in my outfits. However, this crop top is the perfect length to be tucked into some high-waisted pants or a high-waisted skirt. This shirt is effortlessly chic and is perfect for a fashion-forward office look.



If you liked this post, please follow my blog and give this post a like so I know to make posts like this again in 2020. Thank you so much for reading about my top 10 fashion finds from 2019. I am so excited to see what 2020 fashion will bring. Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamed about the 2020s, mainly because I loved the 1920s as a child. And as we all know, fashion ideas are constantly recycled, so I am really hoping for some flapper-inspired pieces to come in vogue again. I know I definitely will be playing around with those silhouettes in my new collection for Resort 2020. I cannot wait until I can tell you all more about that show and the amazing charity we will be partnering with for the 2020 season. Until then <3


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2 years ago

Wow!! These are amazing picks. Liked it so much. Thanks for sharing!!