The Last Four Years

The Last Four Years

The last four years have shown everyone who they can trust, and who they cannot. Who is a good person and who is not. And has set front and center the great divide of our country. From the other side of this keyboard it feels overwhelming to even fathom trying to go about fixing all of the damage that has been done not only to our democracy, but to our morality.

Kamala HarrisI have lost both friends and followers and cut ties with family members who have shown me that their political views mean more to them than the relationships we build over the course of decades. For me what 45 did cut deeper than most. Because his anti-LGBTQ+ views directly effected someone who means the world to me. And anyone willing to share those views for the sake of “religious liberty”, despite separation of church and state being a thing, and despite the Pope coming out against the horrific decisions 45 acted on, then you should simply remove your mask. You don’t care about “religious liberty”. How can you if you don’t believe in what you preach? Just be honest with yourself. You are racist. You are homophobic. And you are hiding. Which is why now that we have a president who is here for the people, that you are upset. Because your pathetic beliefs can no longer be stroked. You can no longer be called “special”. And be told by the leader of the free world that he “loves you”.

If I sound pissed, its because I am. For the past four years I have been told that my feelings are invalid, that I need to accept 45 as the president of the United States, and was fed the lie that he would “drain the swamp” and enact real change in this country. What he did was insight an insurrection, threaten the lives of patriots, and embolden the voices that should have never been granted a platform. He basically brought us back to the dark ages and spread the most misinformation of any person who has held the office of President in the United States.

I am sure that within the coming years, maybe some of his supporters will come to terms with the things they supported. And take the time to grow from them and relearn compassion and empathy. It is my hope that with President Biden at the helm, that maybe we all can relearn decency. And find a way to accept one another as fellow Americans. I don’t know what the future holds. But from my little corner of the world, it finally looks bright.

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2 years ago

Agreed, and I think that how individuals and groups conducted themselves in the lead up to November 2016 election, after the November 2020 election was called, and after the 20 January 2021 inauguration says a lot about them.