Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smiles Timeline

Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smiles Timeline

The narcissistic abuser, Gabbie Hanna, strikes again. But this time, her lies have only damaged herself. On June 4th, Buzzfeed wrote an article on Hanna trying to get to the bottom of why everyone is so mad with her. Spoiler alert, its because she is a narcissist who tried to leverage her friend’s rape and trauma to turn herself into a victim, she misuses pronouns for members of the trans and nonbinary communities, she cannot take constructive criticism, she cannot admit fault, and the list goes on and on.

jessi smilesThe article saw reactions from some of Hanna’s “biggest fans”, like Trisha Paytas, who has been repeatedly traumatized by Hannah’s aggressive and vindictive manner towards them and Hanna’s inability to respect their pronouns since coming out as nonbinary. The article also drew a reaction from famed Viner, Jessi Smiles.

The feud between Jessi and Gabbie actually started back in early 2014, according to Dankanator. The two had been friends until Jessi filed a lawsuit against her then-boyfriend Curtis Lepore in 2014 for a sexual assault that happened in the year prior. The charges were dropped by Jessi a month later when Lepore pleaded guilty to felony assault.

However, during this difficult time, Gabbie hung out with Curtis and his friends, and in response to Jessi’s allegation, Gabbie said, “Curtis’ friends didn’t rape you,” which Gabbie has stated in a few interviews that she “apparently” doesn’t recall saying those words.

Six years later in November 2019, according to Insider, Gabbie responded to a tweet from a fan “deanime” (real name: Deanna), which mulled over the fact that Gabbie sided with her friend’s rapist. Gabbie DM’d Deanna, saying she didn’t believe the allegations and needed proof, and Deanna decided to send the conversation to Jessi, giving her permission to discuss it in a video.

Soon thereafter, Hanna was labeled a “rape apologist” by the public. Fellow creators and followers turned on Hanna, who was once considered sincere and emotionally intimate with her audience, and began calling her calculating and manipulative.

gabbie hannaThings seemed to calm down for a little while (aside from a shady tweet here and there)… up until about seven months later when Gabbie did a video interview with TMZ. In it, Gabbie was asked about the drama between her and Jessi. Gabbie said Jessi shouldn’t have made her DMs public, in which she discussed her opinions on the lawsuit.

Jessi retweeted the interview, saying: “I want to make something VERY CLEAR – after Gabbie’s video, I tried to reach out to her in a VERY calm way. The second I mentioned screenshots of what she truly said on the day of TMZ, she no longer wanted to speak and said that I was threatening her. The truth is NOT a threat.”

This inspired a massive tweet storm from Gabbie’s end, claiming Jessi always sought to slander her character: “here’s some proof from jessi’s own video that shows that jessi has been actively trying to control my relationships and destroy my reputation for years. this is what abuse looks like. isolation, control, and eventually, character assassination.”

A few months later, Gabbie followed up her TMZ interview with her explosive podcast episode “Enough. (31)”, saying that Smiles is a “narcissistic abuser”. This led to fans of Gabbie airing out their concerns regarding her behavior in a Reddit thread, because it seemed as though Gabbie wasn’t in a healthy mental space.

With one Reddit user, cherryheartz., stating “just went to her twitter profile and god she’s… scary. there’s seriously something really wrong with gabbie. she’s always with this “everyone is against me” mentality, she keeps bringing up jessi’s name and harassing her after what she (gabbie) did to her and still tries to portray jessi as a toxic manipulator, calls everyone bullies and narcissists like girl… stop deflecting and go see a therapist.”

You would think that this would prompt Gabbie to do some work on herself… but, nope. She stirred up drama and made her fans worried about her well being for… for a cover song? It was revealed that the strange outbursts by Hanna were all to hype up the release of her cover song “You Oughta Know” last week. Which led to Hanna making snide remarks towards Smiles, and ultimately led to the final straw when in the now infamous Buzzfeed article released four days ago, Hanna said: “Who didn’t I apologize to? I gave Jessi Smiles an apology. I gave Beyoncé an apology. It feels like I’m always dishing out apologies and I’ve never once received one, and that to me feels a little chaotic.”

On Monday night, Smiles took to Twitter to share a series of explosive recordings from her phone conversations with Gabbie from last summer where they go over their nearly seven year feud.

“Gabbie and I had a phone call last summer,'” wrote Smiles. “I never planned to release it. In fact, there’s nothing I want more than to never talk or think about Gabbie ever again. But her continued lying about my trauma has officially broken me and I don’t know what else to do.”

Jessi brought all of the receipts and showed all of the contradicting claims Gabbie has made over the past few years. Gabbie even tries to garner sympathy from Jessi by claiming she contemplated suicide, a claim no one should make lightly or for petty reasons such as gaining sympathy.

In concluding her thread of videos, Smiles wrote: “I know I made a public video calling Gabbie out in 2019 – I understand that. I don’t, however, understand how that warrants Gabbie being able to bring up my rape/rapist consistently in order to ‘defend herself’ against things that she…actually did. It’s beyond triggering.”

We stand with Jessi Smiles during this difficult time. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be traumatized time and time again from someone who you thought was your friend. In the end, Gabbie will not be cancelled, since she refuses to go away. And it is clear that she is not going to apologize if her statements to Buzzfeed mean anything.

Hopefully the record is now set straight one and for all and this drama can die so that Jessi can move on with her life. And so Gabbie can hopefully learn something from this horrible situation and maybe for once take accountability for her actions and become the mental health advocate she pretends to be. Gabbie could do so much good if only she tried. For now, my thoughts and prayers are with Jessi. I truly hope this will be the end of this hell for you and that you and your family can finally move on.

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2 years ago

Oh, that’s why Gabbie was trending on Google Canada over the weekend. I didn’t bother to click and assumed she was caught stealing jokes… again.

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