About Break Free NYFW

We produce fashion events in NYC with the goal of providing designers with a platform to premiere their latest collection to the competitive world of fashion with the added benefit of allowing them to not compromise on their core messaging. We present one of the season’s must see shows and have influencers, stylists, and members of the press clamoring for an invite.

Our expansive show immerses guests in fashion, as well as art, design, and social issues. Guests directly engage with brands and designers leading up to the show via our virtual panel discussions and press interview opportunities. Before and after the show, fashion insiders – including buyers, members of the press, influencers, and models – will have the opportunity to meet with the designers involved in this showcase.

We will livestream the runway show to give fashionistas around the world the opportunity to see each designer’s collection. A link will be provided in the video description of each designer’s showcase for viewers to shop the looks from the runway.

Leading up to the show, there will be a series of virtual panel discussions on mental health and substance use in the fashion industry. There will be a moderator leading each panel, as well as an opportunity for members of the press and attendees to ask the designers and panelists questions directly.

Why a Runway Show?

Break Free NYFW was founded by Alexandra Nyman. In 2019, Nyman made her official premiere as a designer during NYFW under the moniker LadyCat. Alexandra wanted to use this platform she was provided with the spread a deeper message about mental health and titled her first collection “Therapy”. 

The inspiration for “Therapy” came from her brother and his mental health journey. “He has faced so much since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I am in awe of his strength every day. He is my driving force and main inspiration in all I do. In collaborating with my brother, I have learned how to be a better mental health advocate and how to ensure he gets the care he needs. 

“I wanted this collection to inspire others to seek help and to take their mental health as seriously as my brother does. He has learned to be vocal about his needs and how to support him on his mental health journey. This collection served as a visual reminder of the need for all to do the same,” Alexandra recalled when she thought back on the launch of “Therapy”. And though it wasn’t perfect, it was a learning experience for her that sparked the inspiration behind Break Free. To create a space for sober and mental health advocates to share their art with other like minded individuals in a showcase during NYFW. And to lead the conversation on substance use disorder and mental health within the industry. 

The first showcase for Break Free NYFW was held on Monday, February 14th, 2022 and featured six designers. The showcase sold out and had around three hundred people in attendance. The show was held at Ideal Glass Studios and was embraced by members of the press with coverage in Forbes, E Online, Seventeen Magazine Online, Time Out New York, Yahoo, Digital Journal, Fashion Week Online, and No Kill Magazine to name a few.