5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Crochet

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Crochet

Crocheting is one of my favorite pass times for many reasons. It is has a feel of self-gratification because you can watch as your item takes shape.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Crochet

I was first introduced to the art of crochet by my very dear friend, Barb. She has been crocheting for a number of years and has built up an impressive yarn stockpile. What drew me to the craft was the joy and peace crocheting brought my friend. I have struggled with an anxiety disorder my entire life, and while I don’t think crocheting is a quick fix, it helps me to recenter myself and to destress after a long day. I am grateful that Barb introduced me to crocheted and bore with me as she nurtured my creative drive.

1) Stress Buster

As I mentioned before, crocheting is a great way to recenter yourself. It allows you to focus on your breathing as you count each stitch and build upon your rows. It feels as if you can shut off your brain as you begin to focus on other things like your favorite tv show, or the person you are making your item for.

2) Instant Gratification

Have you ever worked on a project that took a long time and you felt discouraged because it took such a long time to see any form of results? Crocheting is the exact opposite in being that you see your progress as you go, every stitch, every row builds upon itself as you watch your work grow from a single fiber to a network of rows.

3) It is Good for Your Health

In a study conducted in 2011 by Dr. Yonas E. Geda at the Mayo Clinic found that those who engaged in crocheting or knitting showed a diminished risk of developing memory loss and mild cognitive impairment. This is great news for if you have a family history of Alzheimer’s or various CDs.

Why you should learn to crochet

4) It is Cost-Effective

In being that yarn rarely costs more than $10.00 and hooks cost around $5.00, crocheting is a very affordable hobby to have. It also makes gift-giving during the holidays a cinch since you can whip them something custom up in their favorite color.

5) It is Completely Customizable

Don’t like how the sleeve looks on your pattern? You can easily swap it out with another one you like better. Don’t like the recommended colors, buy different yarn. The possibilities are endless in terms of how you can customize your look to suit your needs.

Hopefully, this post helped to persuade you to want to look further into the wonderful world of crochet. I know it has changed my life for the better and has introduced me to some incredible people in the Instagram crochet community. Find me on Instagram for more tips and tricks @LadyCatFashion.

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